the tzar (bonanzoid_) wrote in emo_mixes,
the tzar


Here's a rock amalgamation mix :) &hopefully you'll enjoy at least one of the 21 tracks I've put on this mix. No requests for single songs, sorry!


01.The Lucida Console- Remniscient
02.Cats&Cats&Cats- This Brilliant Sky
03.Knives- This Could Be
04.Jack off Jill- Lolirot
05.Glassjaw- Pretty Lush
06.Juno- You are the Beautiful Conductor of this Orchestra
07.System of a Down- Vicinity of Obscenity
08.Gruvis Malt- Malaise
09.Catch 22- Day In Day Out
10.Self- Missed the Friction
11.Kidsnearwater- Gone
12.Sleater Kinney- Onebeat
13.Llama Farmers- Get the Keys & Go
14.We are Scientists- It's a Hit
15.Kaito- Should I?
16.Mew- Am I Wry? No.
17.Pretty Girls Make Graves- Speakers Push the Air
18.The Dismemberment Plan- 13th & Euclid
19.Engerica- My Demise
20.Yourcodenameis:milo- All Roads to Fault
21.65daysofstatic- Await Rescue

Seriously feel free to take &make any comments you feel relevant. Please comment if taking, if you're the unlucky one who gets there too late...&gets a dead link, can you please let me know? Cheers ♥! Zara xXx
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