+The + beautiful + mistake+ (_brokenxangel_) wrote in emo_mixes,
+The + beautiful + mistake+


whatever happend to making mixtapes or cds for others here. When i first joined around every holiday we were to pick someone and we made cds for eachother. I still have mine from the last one i did with someone. I really enjoyed that i learned alot about a random person and we still keep in touch to this day and i still listen to her cd she gave me. I would love to do it again.
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i would love to make one for someone too. but the community seems like its dead.
yea it does seem dead now...which is sad because i joined in hopes to trade with others.
well i'd trade with you, i think doing that stuffs fun.
we can do that
kk well hit me up on aim thens. BrightEyesxLove btw my names wennie.
ok..my aim is agendaxsuicidee just so you know its me and my name is jackie