Angie (veggiecoreangie) wrote in emo_mixes,

I need some songs.

OK.. I have a little story for you and if you can think of any songs that might fit in somewhere.. I would love it.
I'm making a mix mp3 cd for my "penpal"
OK so.. me and him both got out of 2 year relationships about 3 months ago.. both of us were planning on marrying the other person.. then a month ago we meet.. we're not looking to rush into anything, but build a friendship first. But I can't help but really really like him (I am VERY picky btw). So.. we hung out ONCE and then a couple days later his parents made him move back home 4 hours away in Canada (I live in Michigan). We still talk online and on the phone quite a bit.. and I think it's probably best that's he's farther away now bc we won't get into a rebound thing that won't work. Anyways.. He is planning on moving back out here once he gets more money for college and what not. Recently my x has been trying to get back with me and well.. after my penpal moved away I figured why not give him another chance.. but then I just didn't feel right about it bc I kept thinking about the "new" guy :-p .. and well.. my last relationship just wasn't that great really.. we had good times but I really don't think we were that good for each other. well.. we are both quite religious and when we hung out it was at a youth rally.. what else? he's a perfect gentleman.. he said he'll be there whenever I need someone to talk to.. he helped me figure out what I should do about the x.. he kinda was quick to say to get rid of him :-p and then said that someday I'll meet the one.. hmmm.. so yeah I'm not so positive how he feels (he was probably just being nice and maybe even thinks he could be it.. haha I'm thinking way too much about it! lol) well.. I'm getting a little insecure and wondering if he might be looking to date someone where he's at.. although he said he's not ready. but anyways.. I think he's an awesome guy and I miss him and can't wait to hang out with him again.. I wish I could just go visit now but I don't wana scare him. I think that's it :-p I'm open to any suggestions.
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